A story of working together


meet Victoria & Sasha

Victoria and Sasha met years ago at an event, clicked first and the rest is history.  The two developed a friendship and found a common interest in assisting each other with their individual brands and believing in each others vision, sparking creativity in their events. 


They have been seen working together over the years, hosting several events,  from meet & greets, to a memorable fashion extravaganza at Neiman Marcus.  While working cohesively in each others visions, the two had an idea to launch an official company that ties into the foundation of all of their events:  Mind, body, and soul.   


The downtime with Covid-19, gave them the time and opportunity to execute this brand new venture called VAS Creations which coincidentally stands for Victoria and Sasha.


VAS creations transparent.png



Victoria is the owner of Light of Es'Scents and has been in business for over 10 years.  Her company specializes in natural soy wax candles and aromatherapy products.  She loves to spread positivity with everyone she meets and teaches them practical ways to destress  and relax.  She is known as a scent interior designer that will have your home smelling amazing! As a known pillar in the Orlando community she is well respected by her peers as she continuously shares her knowledge on business ownership as well as being a positve encouragment to those she comes into contact with. Visit her website for additional information after you finish shopping at VAS Creations!

Sasha is the owner of Oasis Voyages Travel Agency and has been in business for over 6 years and is in the top 5 of franchisee owners in her region.   She is the "go to" person to  all your travel needs from Land to Sea.   Working with other business owners to assist them in creating their ultimate destination event for their perspective brand.   She also hosts an annual trip every year for various  parts of the world to a select group of people to encourage, empower and uplift all while creating the ultimate networking experience, which has lead to the success of many long lasting business relationships.     Visit her website for additional information after you finish shopping at VAS Creations!