Peppermint Hemp infused with Chamomile Tea


Clean and refresh yourself with this peppermint hemp scented bar soap from VAS Creations. Our soap is made with organic oils and all-natural ingredients to provide a lavish cleaning experience.  Long Day? End your night with a warm shower and this bar will give your body the ultimate night of rest.




Peppermint offers an amazing scent, it also cools and refreshes your skin, serves as an anti-inflammatory, removes oils, contains vitamins A and C.


Hemp is gaining popularity for its ability to help with sensitive skin and skin conditions, like acne and eczema. ... Therefore, you can use hemp soap on your face, sunburn, and even for shaving. Because hemp soaps are derived from hemp plants that contain 0.3 percent of THC or less, they won't produce a high.


Chamomile soothes irritated skin, calming down inflammation and sensitive areas, and helping speed up healing of minor injuries and sunburns. Its antibacterial properties help fight acne and breakouts.  Chamomile can ease the itching of eczema and other rashes and helps reduce skin inflammation.


VAS Scents are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. 


 (Our hand cut bar weighes between 6 - 7 oz)

Peppermint Hemp infused with Chamomile Tea